KidSpring Connections

June 5, 2016

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, Every Story Matters to God!

  • Kids: 743

  • First Timers: 23

  • Volunteers: 227

KidSpring Celebration last Sunday was so much fun! We got to celebrate all we've seen Jesus do in KidSpring over the past school year! Never doubt that you're making a difference in the lives kids! We got to see how much kids remembered from our past series. Nothing is wasted! I got to talk with a da, whose 4 year old will be moving to ImagiNation this week. He was blown away at the fact that his son has been in every room in downstairs KidSpring. They've been here since he was a baby, and KidSpring is all that his son has ever known! The miracles we get to see in our church are normal to the kids in our ministry!

Summer Cookout on Monday!

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We're having a summer cookout for our entire church! We will provide burgers and hot dogs, and we'd love for you to come with family and friends for dinner and some fun games and contests. Hope to see you then!

Move Up This Sunday!

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Volunteer Devotion for Week 1 of Dive In

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This Week in KidSpring

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"Dive In" Song Training

PS Song_Dive In_Motion Training

"Dive In" Song

DI_PS_Song_Dive In

"Follow Me" Song Training

PS Song_Follow Me_Motion Training

"Follow Me" Song

DI_PS_Song_Follow Me


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"You're Alive" Worship Song

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