To Cool For School News

Edition 3

Welcome to Edition 3 of To Cool For School News.

This week there are some fantastic safety rules and ideas about car safety by Dylan and Ieuan. Also Jacob and Nathan C have some great tips about soccer that will help you improve your skills to defend and attack.

Another interesting and exciting topic to look at is the Two Minutes With a Teacher. Cameron and Lleyton interviewed Mr Mountfort and got some great answers to their brilliant questions.

We hope you enjoy our last newsletter for Term 1.

By Jaimee, Ashley and Taylor.

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Two Minutes with a Teacher - Mr Mountfort (Mr Mo)

We interviewed Mr Mountfort, also as Mr Mo, and asked him a few questions.

Why did you want to be a teacher?

Mr Mo’s answer: I didn’t know what to do when I was in high school. I thought about being a speech pathologist but changed my mind and became a teacher instead.

What do you enjoy about being a dance teacher?

Mr Mo’s answer: I enjoy seeing my ideas turn into a source of movement upon a stage.

What’s the funniest thing that happened in school?

Mr Mo’s answer: A fair while ago when I was teaching kindergarten, there was a curtain that was loose on my window in my classroom. I tried to fix it by getting a ladder and climbing up. While I was fixing it, I slipped and fell to the floor on my back and a kindergarten student yelled, “Do it again!”

What is your favourite book that you’ve read to children?

Mr Mo’s answer: My favourite book I’ve read to a class is “Hitler’s Daughter” by Jackie French and my favourite types of books are Paul Jennings stories.

If you were not a teacher what job would you choose?

Mr Mo’s answer: I don’t know what else I would want to be.

By Cameron and Lleyton.

Sporting News

Here are some soccer tips for you to improve your game in attacking and defending. The reason why we have chosen this game is because soccer popular in our school. We hope you improve your skills in this great game.


o Never pass the ball across the goals.

o Trap the ball and look up for options to pass.

o To counter attack, pass the ball up the wings/flanks.

o You have to support your other defenders.


o Trust your instinct for when it's good to shoot.

o Look for where you want to place your shot; then have a crack at it.

o Be prepared for any opposition coming.

o When you want to cross (that means getting the ball in front of the goal) put the ball on your preferred foot and put it into the box.

Equipment: Boots, shin pads, ball, goals, and keeper gloves if keeper, corner posts.

By Nathan C & Jacob

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Mr Hawker's Learning Message

Learning Conferences are a great idea because students should be responsible for their own learning. Students can show their parents their work in learning conferences. They can discuss work samples, areas of achievement and discuss learning goals. Learning conferences are important because students have to be responsible for their learning. Being responsible for your own learning means being able to self-assess, reflect on your own work, use teachers feedback to grow and to ask great questions.

We are both looking forward to our Learning Conferences and being able to work out our Term 2 goals with our parents and teacher.

Daniel & Ryan

Two Minutes with Some Students

We have interviewed 4 students: Lila KR, Jack 2G, Emma 4M and Hugh 5/6M.

Lila’s favourite animal is a giraffe because she likes the long necks. She also likes the Micky Mouse book because she likes the club house. Lila’s dream job is to be a teacher.

Jack’s favourite animal is dog because he likes it when it barks. He also wants to start a new business and wants to make food come to life. His favourite books are food books because he likes food.

Emma’s favourite animal is a cheetah because they are fast. Her dream job is to be a teacher and she likes the book, "56 story tree house".

Hugh’s favourite animal is a snake because he likes reptiles. He would like to be a biologist when he is older. Hugh likes a whole range of books.

Complied by Meeya & Lauren

Phunny Photo

Bianca asked Miss Lee could she use some sticky tape from her desk and Miss Lee replied,
"Sure. Use as much as you want."
Little did Miss Lee know.....
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Fun Nature Facts - Under The Sea

Did you know these interesting facts???

  • Dolphins can hear a noise from 24km away.
  • If puffer fish swallow water they become so big that other fish are unable to swallow them.
  • Lobsters can live for 50 years.
  • The location of a shrimp’s heart is in their head.
  • The heart of a whale is the size of a small car.
  • The older fish get the bigger they grow; they never stop growing.
  • Crabs have no bones; their bones are their shell and skin.
  • Walruses’ walk on their teeth.

By Lily and Sophia

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Library Book Recommendations

We spoke to Mrs Peters in the library and she recommends the following books for:

Early Stage 1

“The Eagle Inside” is about a bird at bird school called Jimmy and he’s the smallest bird. He thinks being small is a weakness but Jimmy also finds out how being small can be a strength.

Stage 1

“Hanging Out”- this is a book about a boy named Ben who’s scared because he has told lies. His cousin Weston comes over to stay for a couple of days and Ben is scared that Weston will find out.

Stage 2

“Fantastic Mr Fox” is about a fox and three farmers, Boggis, Bounce and Bean, the most wicked men you’ll ever meet. They try to capture Mr Fox by digging him out of his burrow but Mr Fox is much smarter and has a scheming plan.

Stage 3

“Unreal” - this book is Elias’ all-time favourite book because there are 8 stories, such as the “Strap Box Flyer”, “Wonder Pants”, “Smart Ice Cream” and much more. These short stories are very funny.

Compiled by Elias and Nathan W.


This week, Lance and Tamika searched for some jokes on the Internet. They have rewritten the middle one.

Why does the bird say, “Cheap, cheap, cheap”?

Because it can’t say, “Expensive, expensive, expensive.”

Little Ryan's kindergarten class was on a excursion to their local police station where they saw pictures stuck to a bulletin board of the 10 most wanted criminals. Little Ryan pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person.

“Yes,” said the policeman. “The detectives want very badly to capture him.”

Little Ryan asked, “Why didn't you keep him when you took his photo?”

Why did the troll tell jokes to the mirror?

He wanted to see it crack up.

Safety First - Getting In and Out of a Car Safely

Getting in and out of a car can be dangerous for kids, so make sure you are being safe. We hope you enjoy the Safety First part of our newsletter.

I general, try to get in a car door that is on the footpath side of the road. That way you will be away from any traffic.

Getting In:

Wait until a car has stopped before it is safe to get in. When you are in the car you definitely need to put your seat belt on and you need to know it’s on properly.

Getting Out:

Wait until a car has stopped before it is safe to get out. Before you get out of the car and open the door, you need to look out for cars driving past or push bike riders riding by. If you are in a parking lot you need to watch out for the car next to you so you don’t damage it or make a little scratch.

We hope you are safe getting in and out of the car thanks to these tips.

By Dylan and Ieuan

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This Edition's Creative Photographs

Have a great end of TERM 1 holiday everyone. From 5/6L