An Anesthesiologist

Autumn limbach

What type of work would you do all day?

Everyday you would mainly meet several different people, work with different surgeons and nurses in an operating room and help them out if they need the extra hand. You would also put the person to sleep if they were under surgery.

Where does an Anesthesiologist work?

Anesthesiologists mostly work in hospitals, medical centers, operating room, and more.

Potentially earnings?

An Anesthesiologist make about $166,400 a year in Wisconsin. But it does differ which state your in and the amount of pay you get in that state. But in Wisconsin you would earn about $80 an hour.

Who do they usually work with?

An Anesthesiologist, or anyone in the medical field, would work with people, and they would also use their brain a lot because they do need to graph the patients pain scale and other medical procedures that acquire the patient.

Would they work with people, computers, or anything else?

Yes, they mainly work with their hands so they can put the people under with a shot that potentially takes the pain away.

Would you need Training or a certain type of school you would have to go to?

To be an Anesthesiologist, you would need about ten years of study at any school that offers Anesthesiology, and also some training after high school. (Differs amount of time training)