Redeemed Youth Ministries

May 27th - June 2nd, 2013


7pm - FIRE NIGHT prayer.


8pm - Intimate Worship Experience

8:30 pm - Q&A with Pastor


8pm - Redeemed worship rehearsal


7am - Retreat focused on family.


10 am - Sunday school

12 pm - Worship service

High School Hang Out

Saturday, Jun 1st, 5-9pm

Kevyn's House

Ladies and Gents still in H.S.

You are invited to Kevyn's for fun, games and some BBQ.

Please be dropped off at Kevyn's house by 5pm. If you need a ride or the address, contact Kevyn @ (347) 567-8562.

If we were rich we'd treat you...but sadly we are not.

Please bring $5 to chip in. ❤



Wednesday, Aug 7th, 12pm to Sunday, Aug 11th, 12pm

Willard, OH

Willard, OH

QUEENS section is back at it! During the 2nd annual missions trip to Willard, the Queens section will engage in One on One evangelism, Vacation Bible School & Outdoor services to the local community.

IF YOU SIGNED UP WITH ELSSY you must fill out forms and submit a $200 fee* by JUNE 8th.

*fee covers food and hotel

Romans 10:13-15

QUEENS SECTION youth week is coming up...

food for thought....

What Mask Are You Wearing? | Jefferson Bethke

About us..

A group of imperfect teens and young adults that have been REDEEMED and given a second chance in life to live with purpose by the love and grace of JESUS! Now that we are REDEEMED, our mission is to REACH the unreachable with the message of hope and grace. To RESTORE their lives, dreams and relationship with our Redeemer through the powerful message of the gospel. To live a life that will bring glory and REVERENCE to our heavenly Father.