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A Call to Prayer

Wherever this newsletter finds you, it is quite likely that you have heard about the tragic events of last Sunday in Sacramento involving Stephon Clark. As we enter this Good Friday/Easter weekend, we ask you to pray for us! We need your prayers right now! We need God’s loving and righteous intervention in our community.

Specific Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that the Love of the Father, expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, whose death and resurrection we celebrate this Easter weekend and the reconciliation that it provides for us with God – pray that THIS will be our central focus this weekend. May nothing distract us from celebrating God’s love first and foremost and then sharing His heart in mourning or rejoicing with others.

  2. Pray for all those associated with Stephon Clark as they mourn the loss of their beloved son, father, brother, uncle, friend and community member.

  3. Pray for our pastors;
    -For wisdom and revelation in how to minister and lead their congregations and those visitors who join us this Easter weekend. Pray for supernatural encounters with Jesus throughout our region!
    -For the Father's heart toward all aspects of this crisis.
    -For the Holy Spirit to show them how to pray for their congregations and our community.
    -For divine revelation of how to come together with other pastors in deep and meaningful ways that overpower the works of darkness.

  4. Pray for Sacramento's Police Chief Daniel Hahn;
    -For wisdom in how to respond to his department and to the community
    -For God's creative and impactful revelation regarding how Chief Hahn is to lead through this tragic and difficult time.

  5. Pray for peace, grace, mercy, and loving-kindness.

  6. Pray for the officers involved and their familes—for peace, comfort, and the counsel of the Wonderful Counselor Jesus!

  7. Pray for breakthrough in pain, anger, weariness, trauma, indifference, hopelessness, and division in our community.

  8. Pray for God to replace our “us and them” with truly seeing one another as He sees us and finding unity in the Love of Jesus.

  9. Pray for His Kingdom to come and be seen here in Sacramento! That what the enemy meant for evil, He would mean for great good and His glory!

Please do pass this along for others to pray as well!

Thank you!

Judy Trent-Whitnack and the SacPRAYS Team

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