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March Weekly News

The Stand on Sycamore Tree

The Brave Juli Baker, a young student, has a extreme passion for the sycamore tree. "I go up there everyday before school to watch the sunset. My dad once told me something that relates to the tree so when I'm up there I feel a connection to my dad." Juli told reporters.

Then everything changed when she figured out they were cutting down the sycamore tree. "I got up early that day, just like any day, but then I saw the sycamore tree. People were cutting down the tree so I panicked, climbed up into the tree, and refused to come down." She said. The workers tried to get her down but she was persistent.

"I understood my dad in that tree," Juli told them. After they got her down she ran home sobbing. Just by looking in her eyes you can see the anger, disappointment, and sorrow she is feeling. If one person felt so strongly for the tree why did we cut it down anyways?

Picture Caption: This is the Sycamore Tree Juli Baker climbed and protested on before they cut it down.

The Water Contest

Saturday, July 25th, 12pm

The Community Garden

Wanna be the water the winner? We are looking for kids with ideas on how to get water for our garden. The person with the best idea will get $20 from Sam. The contest will be held at the community garden on Gibb Street. The community will vote for the best idea. Come with your best idea and you could be the lucky winner.