Clara Driscoll

by:Jysel and Josalin

Savior of the Alamo and other info

Clara Driscoll was born on April 2, 1881, in St. Mary's, Texas, on Copano Bay, to wealthy ranchers Robert and Julia Fox Driscoll.Clara Driscoll is remembered for saving the Alamo. In 1903 she put up a thousand dollars necessary to prevent the sale of the Alamo to turn it into a hotel. Also in 1905, the entire Alamo property was given over to the safekeeping of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. That is why they call her the "Savior of the Alamo." She also wrote 2 books , a collection of short stories titled The Shadow of the Alamo , and a novel.

Her late life after saving the Alamo

She married editor and publisher Henry Sevier, a representative to the Texas House who later served as ambassador to Chile. The Seviers divorced in the late 1930s, and Clara took back her maiden name.Clara Driscoll died on July 17, 1945, in Corpus Christi's Robert Driscoll Hotel, named for her brother. Her body lay in state at the Alamo, with the Lone Star flag at half-staff. She was buried in the family mausoleum in San Antonio's Alamo Masonic Cemetery.

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