Forensic Technician

by kahlil

Job Description

Fingerprint Technicians primary job is to reconstructed the circumstances and events of a crime scene. Collecting, examining, analyzing and comparing latent or partial fingerprints is also apart of their job skills. In the field fingerprint techs use various tools to collect fingerprints. Other then collecting fingerprints, experts have to document there findings and prepare it in a oral form. In order to present it in front of law enforcement officials and eventually in court.

Working Conditions

As a Finger Print Technician your working conditions are..
- Being in a lab and on site of a crime scene collecting prints
- Usually on a computer pouring over digital fingerprints images for long hours
- Goes to court to testify on fingerprints found at crime scenes
- Working Long hours

Traning/Education required

- Bachelors in natural or forensic science
- Significant Job training, Lab work, and internship experience
- FBI or DOJ Basic and Advanced Fingerprint courses (which many employers look for)

Personal Charecteristics

It helps to be a person who is Patient and Observing in this line of work. The main focal point of your job is to sit and identify patterns and similarities in fingerprint patterns. Which will be time consuming and require form of self-discipline and patience. Also a strong logical thinker characteristic is best required for this field
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Earnings and Job outlook

-Median Salary $55,360
-Fingerprint Analyst I, Miami-Dade Police Department: $41,311-$72,485
-Forensic Latent Print Analyst II, Florida: $31,443-$55,739
-Fingerprint Analyst, Arizona: $29,491-$41,241
-Latent Fingerprint Examiner II, California: $50,356-$61,213
-Forensic Specialist, Latent Prints, California: $43,596-$53,424
- latent Fingerprint Specialist, Florida: $44,408-$63,211

-minimum of 80 hours for certification

- big city or small