Finding Water on a Tropical Island

Helpful Hints...

  • Animals may led the way to finding a source of water.
  • Plants such as vines, roots and palm trees are a great source of water.
  • Most animals need water, including birds and insects, usually at dawn or dusk you can follow their paths to bodies of water.
  • You can find somewhat clean water from muddy streams or lakes by digging in the sand.
  • If digging somewhere muddy you must purify the water so it is safe to drink and isn't harmful to the body.
  • If you place a clear plastic bag over a green, leafy, plant it will allow the water in the leaves to evaporate and eventually condense into the plastic bag.
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Avoid Drinking Salt Water!

If you are on an island you are most definetly going to come across ocean, salt water. DON'T DRINK IT! If you are dehydrated and you drink salt water it could kill you because your salt levels will increase and it will make you urinate more often to get rid of the extra salt your body is consuming and your kindeys will eventually shut down, due to lack of clean water. There are also many living organisms you could be consuming which can also be harmful to the body. Drinking the salt water will only make your thirster.
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You always want to have a canteen or thermos to carry any extra food or fresh water you find.