Ancient Olympics

By: Hayden Speight

Ancient Greece Olympics

In the ancient olympics they did the olympics and they didn't do it for a medal but a branch from a really important tree/bush. In the olympics they ran races and boxed and wrestled Has anyone ever wondered what attending the ancient greek olympics would be like? The Ancient Greek Olympics were interesting.

People from different places like Rome,Greece and other civilizations would come to be in the Olympics or come to watch the games happen. Long ago, men that participated in the olympics would only put on rags to cover them. This could also help them move more freely.

Ancient greeks held the games to honor the olympian gods. Many greek people would honor and risk their lives for the Olympian gods. The olympic games were one of two central rituals in ancient Greece. The first games only held a 190 meter foot race that were measured after the feet of the mighty zeus The god of Olympia a civilization.

Like today, people would race, wrestle and box. It was not like today where you could watch the games on TV. You would have to come to the games to watch them. The game’s where held in an arena made of stone. You would sit in bleachers. The bleachers were not the ones we have today in football or basketball games. They were built into the ground and made of stone too. The places you would sit or stand where over the arena so you would have a good to and watch the games. Ancient Greeks who won did not get medals, they got a branch from a small tree or bush. Women were not able to watch them if they were not married.

The men would eat things like bread and fruit and drink only water to stay healthy and strong. To be ready for the games you did not eat very often because you had to grow, fish for food. So the people that were living in Greece could not be hungry and would be able to eat. You had to eat healthy to play in the Olympics. However, back then you were risking your life for people to have something to watch and take place. People watched who was the most able to go to battle and fight for the people of their town and where the people lived. Legend has it, that the son of the god of all gods, Hercules, was the most famous of all the athletes.

There was a 4 year stretch between the olympics. They were held in southern greece. The games were held most of the time in Greece as a religieos festival. Also, they let people honor the gods. the most important god was zeus because he was the god of all gods and all his sons are the most popular in Ancient Greece. they all loved one of his son’s the most his name was Hercules. he was the strongest and the most athletic and muscular and the best in battle.

Ancient Greeks used sports as a way to celebrate their gods. The Olympics were created to celebrate their gods but also Ancient Greeks athletic abilities. The Ancient Olympics are fascinating because of this.