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#SCPSpowerup BYOD Classroom Management Update

It has been two months since our faculty meeting presentation on BYOD. Here is an update on what is working for classroom management (See Below). Join the conversation and add what is working in your classroom on twitter using #SCPSpowerup.
Creative Control: 5 Ways to Tap into Your Creativity

This article will give you tips on how to get your creative juices flowing, it is also a great resource for helping student get creative.

Take CARE of our Technology

Here at Colonial Forge we promote the use of technology in the classroom, whether you are using BYOD and just need a few ipads or if a lesson calls for a cart of laptops, we would like you to follow these CARE tips to make SCPS technology last longer.

CARE for our Technology

C - Create a routine for check in/check out: Check the cart and/or devices before and after usage by students. Establish a procedure of the plugging and unplugging laptop carts and/or checking for photos and default settings on devices.

A - Assign Numbers: Each technology device has a numerical number on it. Assign students a particular number for the whole year and whatever type of device you check out that student will get that number of device. This will deter students from vandalizing our school technology since they know we have a record.

R - Reduce and Remind: Reduce the usage of substitute use. You should not have any sub plans with technology devices. Reduce the use for searching the web. If you want students to just research using the web then have them use their own devices as much as possible and supplement with a few iPads. Remind students that these are a learning tool that should be taken care of and used properly. Remind them of the appropriate use of technology section in their handbook (maybe even read a sentence or two to them).

E - Extra Effort: Make sure you are walking around when students are using technology to make sure students are on-task, not pluggin their own devices into SCPS technology, and not damaging keyboards, screens, etc.

October Ed Tech All Stars: Celebrating Teachers' Ed Tech Use at the Forge

Mrs. Kennedy: Mrs. Kennedy has been doing great things in her classroom with integrating technology. Her students have been using a QR Code Bingo review for the first 9 weeks. She has also been tweeting about the other great EdTech work her students are doing. Click here to view!

Mrs. Ingram: Has been using Blackboard for her students throughout this year. Her students have been completing direct instruction assignments, plus small group and whole group discussion assignments online through blackboard. Using this platforms has allowed her classes to be more student-centered with hands-on applications and activities. Lastly, from a conversation stand point it save lots of paper!

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3) BYOD Resources

Professional Development Offers for this Fall

BYOD Power Up Sessions

Participants will learn about different formative and summative assessment tools for their Power Up Teacher Tool Kit. These are tools that teachers can use with student owned devices. Each Month will be a new tool for the Power Up Teacher Tool Kit. Participants will have to go to at least one session during the 1st Semester and then at least two sessions during the 2nd Semester.

See for more details.