The Interrupters

Changing people's life's In Chicago gang violence

purpose of film

This film shows a group of people trying to help any gang of violence in Chicago & change young kids life. They begin with trying to fix just one person at a time & hopefully changing the society slowly for them to have a better future.

3 ways on how they succeeded in their purpose

  • By having dramatic sound to know something bad is going to happen.
  • By showing them stories of people who have lived through what they live if not worse then what they are living through and how it changed their life.
  • They stay in contact with the people they have tried to change their lives after they are on their own.

dramatic sounds

This film showed great dramatic sound with whenever something was going to happen and it also made the points about gang violence being scary seem bigger then most people do ! It also showed how things can change in an instant and how things can get out of control very fast.
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one of the main people who had it rough and understands what it was like

Ameena matthews Her dad was in a related gang and she had helped with doing stuff for the gang and with the gang. But she truly changed her ways in trying to help other people change their ways like she has.

They stayed in contact

In this film they truly were devoted to staying in contact with the people they may have touched an it truly shows the things that happen to people when they truly try to forget about doing gang related stuff. It shows that not everyone an get away from the life of a criminal and it truly shows how people just get sucked right back into that kind of life style.