Come to Minnesota

Minnesota is a great place to come in all seasons.

Here are reasons to come to Minnesota.

Facts about Minnesota:

  • Minnesota is where the Mississippi began.
  • There is snow in Minnesota.
  • The coldness kills off diseases
  • There are over six ways to travel here.
  • In 1823 the Virginia was the first steamboat to make the trip up the Mississippi River to Minnesota.

Popular Places:

St. Paul is a very popular place to go to when you are in Minnesota. We have schools and shops lots more. Steamboats come in almost every day. There is plenty of fun things to do in St. Paul and everywhere else.

Influential Person:

If you have kids, we also have a schoolteacher named Harriet Bishop. She is a very effective teacher and community leader. Harriet is also intelligent and confident.

Ways to Travel to Minnesota:

I think that steamboats would be the best way to travel to Minnesota. Canoes would take too long, along with coming on foot. Stagecoach, train, and oxcart are also okay, but steamboats are the fastest way to travel.a

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Here is a quote from Maccrea Dinkelfin. Minnesota is so great because we have such dramatic seasons. You just need to be prepared.