Sharks Moving Up Shore

Colton P p/8

The hungry sharks go up shore. They migrate up shore because we take all of there food. so it causes a chin reaction. we take there food they head up shore looking for food. Sharks eat plankton, fish, sharks, dolphins, and walruses. they are often mistake for a vises creature but its becoming an endangered species.

Sharks are feared creatures because of how big they are. The biggest shark is a whale shark. it can way up to 15 tons and can be as big as a school bus. the smallest shark is a reef shark.

the one shark that we should be scared of the most is the Mako shark. it is the fastest shark. if you come into contact with this shark there is a small chance of surviving an attack. the way its scales are facing is what makes it so fast. humans have tried to make swimming suits for professional swimmers.

there are over 400 species of sharks in the world. about every day a new shark is discovered. Only 12 dozen sharks species out of 400 are the true danger to us.

sharks can be alike in some ways and different in some ways. sharks allays grow there teeth back. once a human loses its grown up tooth they get a fake tooth or have a gape where that tooth was. sharks do not have ruts unlike humans. sharks get a new tooth at least once a week.

sharks mistake humans for injured fish or other animals like dolphins or birds. most humans survive a shark attack because they realize that they made a mistake and leave them alone.

what is the biggest shark that ever lived. its known as Megalodon which is a famous shark that had strong powerful jaws and is sometimes found in video games and movies. it kills its prey by ripping off its wings then goes in for the kill.


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