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McDowell School News 10/7/16

What's Up?

BUS DUTY - 10/10/16-10/14/16

EW Office - Gyurky
Kickball Field - Wikins

PPU - Stitts


10/11 - Announcements @ 9:10 on channel 22.


10/14 - Early Release for Students (11:45)

10/14 - Flu Shots available 8-4PM @ Treasurer's Office

10/21 - Report Cards go home


10/25-26 - Onsite Wellness Screening in Conference Room

10/26 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 5-9PM

10/27 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 12-9PM

10/28 - NO SCHOOL!

10/31 - Happy Halloween! Parade @ @2:15; Parties 2:30-3:30.

***If child is leaving school from the party in your classroom, HAVE A SIGN-OUT SHEET AVAILABLE IN YOUR CLASSROOM FOR SIGN-OUTS.

10/12 Jeannie Romani

  • SUNSHINE DUES are DUE! - There are still about a dozen people who have not paid......are you one of them?
  • SUB FOLDERS: Still need Curl, Molchen, Richardson, Wilkins
  • PLEASE have a walkie-talkie with you at all times when you are out of the building, especially on the playground.


November 9 Part 1 9:15-10:45

· November 10 Part 2 9:15-10:45

· November 14, 15, 16 Make-ups

  • All Test Administrators (TA) are required complete the TA certification each year. Please plan a time to do this with your PLC. This will take about 30 minutes.
  • Please plan to review test navigation tools with your students during the month of October.
  • See email from Kristen sent 9/16/2016 for links (Test Administrator Certification Course, Test Administrator Checklist, and Test Administrator Manual.)


  • In October, Hudson Community First will host the annual Take a Second Make a Difference month and luncheon to recognize community members who are making a significant difference in the life of a child. Download a nomination form at Ten recipients will be recognized at the Take a Second Make a Difference luncheon at the Country Club of Hudson. Please mail your nomination form to Community First, PO Box 515, Hudson, or return it to the Hudson Library in the teen room. For more information email
  • Report card grading window open now until midnight on 10/19/16. You will each receive 2 sets of report cards: one to go home with child; one to have on hand for conferences.


  • The tech department is dedicated to efficiently assisting all staff members with their technology needs! If you have a technical question about equipment, hardware, or software, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 1400 or fill out a Help Desk ticket. Using the Help Desk ticket system ensures your technology question is routed to the correct person in the tech department who can provide you with the most timely support.

    For any instructional technology support or professional development, please contact Kristin Dages (Media Coordinator) and Stephanie Sholtis (Technology Coordinator) at We would be happy to assist in your classroom and attend PLCs or other meetings.

    In addition, Kristin and Stephanie will be posting weekly tech tips on Hudson's Teach.Learn.Collaborate (TLC) Blog ( and will also email staff weekly with information about the blog posts. Please be on the lookout for these weekly emails.

    Stephanie Sholtis

    Technology Coordinator

    Hudson City Schools

    330-653-1400 ext. 3540

Master Plan

One of the goals of the strategic plan and through other district initiatives, the district team has been working on developing a Master Facility Plan. A draft of the plan was presented to the Board of Education on Monday, September 12, as part of the educational focus section of the meeting. As part of the community engagement strategy, we need the staff’s feedback and input about the Facility Plan. There will be several focus groups, which include staff, students, community, parents, and community leaders. Please consider attending our voluntary building-level focus group. The focus group will be approximately 90 minutes.

Ninja Warrior

One of my favorite shows is American Ninja Warrior. I love the back stories of the contestants overcoming adversities. The feats they accomplish are amazing. I was first informed of this shows existence by my niece from SoCal when she was about 9. Most of you probably don't watch this but a really important part of the show is the male and female contestants all compete on the same exact course. Male contestants dominated for years, but young girls seemed to be intrigued by the show. A few years ago a female contestant, Kacy Catanzar, marked the first time a female had made it to the finals. She did not win but did very well. Kacy was a pioneer for females in the contest. Her accomplishments opened the floodgates for females who have become an integral part of the sport. The video below is about a little girl who just loves American Ninja Warrior. It is a cute video but the amount of work the dad put into this course for his daughter is inspiring.
Lylah Ninja Warrior in the Denver City Finals