Midwest Representative Intro

Hello Educators!

I wanted to quickly introduce myself as the Tales2Go representative for the Midwest, located in Chicago. As a past classroom teachers, I wanted to share information in regards to audio books and the Common Core. As you may already know, it is imperative that students master listening skills to enhance vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills. Introducing Tales2Go audiobooks into your literacy rotation and/or having your students listen to stories 60 minutes each week, will increase their test scores.....we have the data to prove it!

TIES 2013 Education Technology Conference was a great show for us. We activated thousands of FREE trials for attendees to use in their classrooms. We would like to invite you to trial Tales2Go for 30 days...for FREE! Send me an email, or call (815.347.5959) with a general login ID, password, and number of devices you would like to trial on.

I look forward to speaking with you in the near future on how Tales2Go can help improve your students reading literacy!

Happy Listening!

Kevin Cleary

Connections Between Audio Books and the Common Core

The Common Core State Standards place a special emphasis on listening skills in K-5 literacy. Audio books allow children to experience written language without the burden of decoding, granting them access to content that they may not be able to read and understand themselves. In fact, students can stretch and listen two full grade levels above their current reading level.

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Smartphones are connecting more Americans to the internet

The Following from an NPR article in June. Smartphones appear to be increasing rates in which blacks and Hispanics access the internet, helping reduce disparities with whites and Asians, according to a government report. Close to half of all Americans use a smart phone to connect to the internet, and that rate remains similar across all groups: Asians (51.6%), non-Hispanic whites (48.6%), blacks (47.3%), Hispanics (45.4%).

School Library Journal Webinar

Feel free to watch a playback of a School Library Journal webinar we sponsored in December.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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