"The Mediator"

What is an INTP?

An INTP is a personality type that is perceived as shy and calm but on the inside they have an inner spark. Passion is a big part of their life and so is finding the best in people but they can sometimes feel misunderstood but when they find people like them they radiate good vibes to the people close to them.


People with the INFP personality type aren't a big fan of rules but will probably follow them anyway. They also like to give people the benefit of the doubt as long as it's not challenging their principles. They'll support everyone's right to do what they believe is right.


INFP's use their instinctive nature with their open mind to view things from a different perspective. They are able to connect lots of separate thoughts into one theme and lots of people with INFP personality types are authors and poets.

Value harmony

INFP's aren't the type of people who want power and to have power over people. They're more of the smart, helpful sidekick and sometimes take the lead but in more of a democratic way where everyone's voice is heard.