21st Century Technologies and Facilities

Don't Be a Black "BORED" Teacher!


State Board of Education Guideline:

NC public schools will produce globally

competitive students.

  • Every student uses technology to access and demonstrate new knowledge and skills that will be needed as a life-long learner to be competitive in a constantly changing international environment.

What are 21st Century Skills?

21st Century skills are ...

globally connected,
technology based,
being successful without pencil, paper and textbooks,
allowing teachers to be facilitators and NOT dictators,
and most of all they promote CREATIVITY!

iPADs Make a Difference... Look at the Research!

So Here's Our Pitch!

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick

$ Money, Money, Money! $

How can Alleghany County Schools Purchase iPads for our students?

We have these Grants to use for technology:

STEM Golden Leaf

This Grant is $ 300,000, it can be divided into $100,000 per year

CAI Golden Leaf

This Grant is $ 125,000 for a year, can be renewable

Burroughs Welcome

This Grant is $ 75,000

Our Technology Budget for 2013-2014

$ 476,000

The Cost of iPads

The iPad 2 is $499.00 that includes Apple care

4th generation is $599.00

We will get $40.00 off each machine if buy in bundles of 10.


Starting from $1299.00

iPad Carts

Starting at $ 2995.00

Globally Connected In The Classroom

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming

iPad Apps:

  • My Congress: detailed information about Congress, links to local representatives and government
  • States of the Union: explore an United States map to learn the detailed story of health in this country, from national down to local
  • Atlas: political world map and regional maps of each continent
  • 7 Billion: National Geographic Magazine's app that has videos, photos, and articles to go along with the concept of how our world will change as there are going to be 7 billion people living in it
  • Kids World Maps: app that has six different types of maps focusing on what elementary school children need to know about landforms and world geography
  • Tap Quiz: improve geography skills through a fun and engaging world map quiz game
  • World Flag Jigsaw Puzzle: choose a continent and then put together jigsaw puzzles of country flags

iPad Activities:

  • virtual pen pals with kids in other countries by using the iPad feature "Face Time"
  • blogging
  • publishing/world press
  • instant in-class research

iPad Experts


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