Refer a host family to World Heritage for next year!

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You can earn $250 for finding a family just like yours!!

If you provide the name and number of a family that decides to host an international student just like you, we will send you $250 per student when the student arrives! If two families you provide the name and number for end up hosting you get $500, three families: $750, there is no limit to how much you could earn!

How do you recruit a new host family?

Its easy! Ask your friends at school if they would like to host a student. We have many students from around the world. Not only would you be helping another teen just like yourself but you would also been earning money for yourself for when you return home!

Ask you school counselor at school if they know any families that would be interested in hosting or maybe they would like to host a student themselves!

Ask students in your after school activity teams such as soccer, dance or gymnastics if they would like to host a student with the same interests as them.

As you know, all of our students come with their own pocket money and health insurance so the family only needs to provide a bedroom and 3 meals a day. The student can even share a room with their host sibling.

Get their name and number!

If you have the name and number of someone interested in hosting, please contact me, Courtney at 404-307-8830 or at chendrix@world-heritage.org

If you would like to know about specific students, ie, those students that are passionate about soccer or gymnastics or any other sport, or students from specific countries, please let me know and I can send you profiles of students that you might like to help place!

Good Luck!