Romeo and Juliet Smore

The Cause of Their Deaths


Even though some people think the person behind the cause of Romeo and Juliet's deaths is Capulet or Tybalt, it is really the Prince of Verona's fault. First, after Romeo killed Tybalt, the prince exiled him from Verona. To conclude his little rant, the prince said "...when he is found, that hour is his last" (3.1.191). Now Romeo cannot be with Juliet which drives them closer to their deaths. Also, Romeo should have never been punished. Tybalt would have been executed by law even if Romeo hadn't killed him: "His fault concluded what the law should end" (3.1.181). Romeo didn't even deserve to be exiled. If the prince had even the slightest amount of logic, Romeo wouldn't have died.

How "The Patriot" Relates to Romeo and Juliet's Deaths

The Patriot

Character who relates: John Billings

How movie resembles: He was in the militia against Britain during the Revolutionary War and he committed suicide due to hardships just like Romeo and Juliet.

Quote: "Romeo, there dead..." (5.3.230).

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Romeo and Juliet Acrostic Poem

P: Prince of Verona

R: Rich

I: Impudent

N: Not nice

C: Cares only about himself

E: Exiled Romeo

Explanation: The prince is snobby and rich and his clumsy decision ended Romeo and Juliet's lives