Attribute Identification Tool

found in FormSpace

Are you wondering what you should look for in your students?

Go to Eduphoria and choose Formspace from the main menu. Then click on the "documents" tab on the left; then the "Gifted and Talented" folder in the same place. Scroll down to the next to the last choice, and choose "Walking Tool-Student Look For's". Print the document.

Time to put the tool to work!

For those of you who have students on a GT watch list, consider one of those students. For those of you who do not have any students on a watch list, consider a student whom you think would be a good candidate for a referral for GT testing. If one does not occur to you try considering a current GT student whom you've taught in past years.

Write the student's initials at the top of the document, and complete the checklist, considering that student. You will also need to make antidotal notes to the side as it relates to that indicator and student.

Please scan and save your finished checklist to the shared Google folder titled, Cluster Teacher Update Hours/Attribute Identification Tool, then send me an email letting me know you've added your response to the folder. Please write your name/date on your response BEFORE you scan it. I ask that you be thoughtful in your responses and completing this activity; the goals for the yearly update hours are to keep you informed and enable you to better serve and identify gifted learners.

If you need any assistance saving/sending your responses, please don't hesitate to ask. I'd be happy to help:)