The Shoreline Biome


What is it like there?


In the Shoreline there are all the seasons like spring, summer, winter, fall. Sometimes there can be snow there and rain there, too. Hurricanes, storms that have strong winds, are also found at the shoreline.


The landscape is very moist and has salty water. The tides move water over the shore twice a day. Some shorelines can be sandy or rocky. Seaweed can also be part of this landscape which provides food for many of these creatures.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

The shoreline is found at the edge of the ocean where the land meets the ocean. Oceans cover most of the earth.


How do plants survive?

Some of the plants on the seashore are so tiny you would need a microscope. Seaweed is found on the rocky shores. It does not have any roots so it wraps around rocks.

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

Sea creatures like this landscape so they can build there homes there. Many creatures dig and tunnel under the sand. They are protected there. The animals that live there have to survive in wet and dry environments.

Food Chains