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November 2021

Welcome back to everyone's favorite newsletter, The Paw Print! These have been a rough few weeks with Jack Frost already starting to nip at our noses. Fortunately, the cold weather gives us all a chance to snuggle up in a warm hoodie in warm desks to gain some good ol' knowledge! So grab some hot cocoa (or warm green tea, if that's more your style) and a pencil, and do your thing (be successful, that is)!

Since Thanksgiving is creeping right around the corner, the Paw Print is so THANKFUL for all of our hardworking students! Stay warm and winning, Burke County! As always, Stay #BearBuilt!

The Paw Print can be viewed every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. The newsletter features sports updates, events in the community, and fun activities for the family... so stay tuned!

What's Happenin' in the DEN?

Making a Scene!

The Burke County High School Theatre Department will be presenting their One Act Competition play, "Me, My Selfie, and I," to the public TOMORROW, Thursday, November 11, 2021, at 6 PM at Burke County High School in the J.D. Smith Auditorium! So come on out to show your support and express your inner theatre kid!

Admission is $5 and all proceeds will benefit the Drama Club. Run time is approximately 50 minutes. Thank you for supporting BCHS Fine Arts.

Perfect AP Scores!

Burke County High School alumni, Morgan Chancey and Sophia Dye have earned all of Burke County's admiration through their exceptional artistic performance. These girls made the score of 5, which is the highest on a 1-5 scale, on their 3-D Art and Design AP exam in May 2021. They are only 2 out of 46 other people in the WORLD that made a perfect score. We all offer them a large round of applause.

Bears Basketball Schedule

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In it for the long run.

Our Bears Cross Country Team put their feet to the test this Wednesday, October 27. The Bears competed in their GHSA region meet against opponents, Cross Creek High School, Harlem High School, Thompson High School, Hephzibah High School, Morgan County High School, and Academy of Richmond County. The Lady Bears placed an overall of 4th in the region, and our Bears placed an overall of 6th in the region. Way to keep those feet loose, Bears!

Accreditation Review

Cognia, formerly AdvancED, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools and systems throughout the United States and internationally. Using their research based analysis, engagement review teams are able to help school districts identify areas of strength and potential growth in three overarching domains- Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity. During Burke County Public Schools’ recent Accreditation Engagement Review on October 25-27, 2021, a Cognia Engagement Review Team noted several strengths, including a strong and pervasive positive culture built on a shared set of values and beliefs, a clear and consistent curriculum with an intentional focus on literacy, and a system-wide response to the pandemic despite the challenges associated with our large county. Additionally, the team noted areas of potential growth, including the use of data to leverage improvement along with systematic and systemic processes for all programs and services with common protocols and procedures and formalized evaluation and monitoring. This information will be vital for BCPS as we strive for continuous improvement in support of our students, families and community. The official report is expected to be available to the district within 30-45 business days.

OTE Program Completion

Congratulations to the educators who have completed Middle Georgia RESA's Online Teaching Endorsement Program.

The Online Teaching Endorsement Program required educators to participate in a set of three rigorous courses around best practices for teaching and learning in online and blended environments. An essential framework for effective online instruction is built upon the ability to design instruction and select strategies and resources to meet the needs of all learners.

Burke County Public Schools appreciates the educators who participated:

Connie Bulfinch

Pamela Cook

Rebecca Cook

Alicia Golphin

Adrianne Griffith

Renee Hickman

Lakesha Lane

Lynda Moore

Jennifer Oglesby

Kimberly Stevens

These trailblazers will share their learning with other educators as we continue to optimize learning experiences in our schools.

National Day Calendar

November 10 commemorates the United States Marine Corps Birthday, National Forget-Me-Not Day, and National Vanilla Cupcake Day! Burke County families can celebrate this holiday by giving a vanilla cupcake to your favorite soldier of the military (preferably the Marine Corps) and telling them that you will never forget all of the hard work they have put towards this country.

Word of the Day

The Word of the Day is Soporific! Soporific is an adjective (a word that describes a noun) that means "causing sleep." Be careful wearing a warm sweater on a cold day because it can be soporific, and you won't be able to get any work done!

We challenge you all to use this word as many times as you can this week, extra points if you use it in the right context, EVEN MORE points if you have to explain to somebody what it means!

Kidz Korner

More Cupcakes, please!

What's a better way to celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day than MAKING VANILLA CUPCAKES? Attached to the graphic on the left, is a super sweet recipe to share-or not share- with the whole family! We would love to see the cupcakes you guys come up with.. so you can share with them with us on the Burke County Public Schools' Instagram and Facebook!

Instagram: @burkecountyps

Facebook: Burke County Schools

White Squirrel Sighting!

The BCHS White Squirrel has been spotted... I repeat! The BCHS White Squirrel has been spotted! Can you spot the white squirrel? Take a picture and let us know!

Instagram: @burkecountyps

Facebook: Burke County Schools

If you don't have a picture, that's okay! White squirrels are known to be symbols of good luck and peace so you will receive some kind of prize in due time!

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Our district app is intended as an on-the-go information source for parents & families. With the BC App, all information is brought together and delivered to one platform.

One feature of the app is that those without social media can access the district’s social media posts via the News section of the app. Additional features include access to breakfast & lunch menus, individual school calendars, push notifications, sports scores, one-click email to staff via the Directory section, and much more!

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