Advanced technology and innovative approaches.

Striking a Balance between Fertilizer and Chemicals

The agricultural industry is at a crossroads between growing enough food to meet the demands of an increasing population and using chemicals sparingly to avoid depleting all nutritional value of what is grown. Natural fertilizer is ideal for maintaining nutrients in crops and replenishing nutrients in the soil. This does leave crops vulnerable to drought, pests, and disease. Treated seeds and chemicals placed into the soil will make crops resistant to damage and failure but contaminates ground water and reduces nutritional value of crops.

Reducing Chemicals

Advanced technology and innovative approaches to seed treatment and chemical use can help reduce the chemicals used in planting. An on-site seed treatment system has been developed that allows farmers to treat seeds on the farm just before planting. This increases the responsiveness to need and reduces the type of chemicals used. Prior to this option, farmers had to guess what treatments would be needed several months before planting season and order seeds from large companies.

Another way to reduce chemicals is precise and even distribution in the fields. Discerning which fields require what chemicals when driving equipment can get confusing, especially on a large farm. A manufacturer called Raven has released its latest innovation which is a compact field computer that sits on the dashboard. It is powerful, can be programmed remotely, and displays customized in-job layouts of the fields. That item can be found https://www.fertilizerdealer.com.

Discover Efficient Fertilizer Distribution Techniques

The equipment, sprayers, tanks, and electronic systems, along with many other products for fertilizer distribution are improving all the time. Leading brands, such as Banjo, Chandler, Willmar, and Blu-Jet, are introducing methods and parts every growing season to help make farming more efficient with higher yields. One company, Fertilizer Dealer Supply, has been catering to the needs of growers, fertilizer and chemical retailers, and custom applicators since 1967 and provide highly-trained staff in all locations to answer questions, provide selection assistance, and introduce new products.

An extensive inventory, new and used equipment, and seven locations throughout the Midwest are available to help with chemical reduction and fertilizer distribution needs. Orders placed on the website, https://www.fertilizerdealer.com, are shipped out the same day in most cases for convenience. Stop by a location or chat with someone online for suggestions and anything needed to protect crops.