iBooks Author 101

Basics of Apple's Book Product

October 12, 2015 Ponder ISD, Elementary Training

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iTunes Links - Download (get) book and view on iPad.

Pumpkins for Sale - teacher created book for grades 2-3

The Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child - written by a 3rd grade class

Endangered Mammals from A to Z - written for elementary students

Two Kids and Desert Town - written by 5th grade special education class

The Corns Visit the 13 Colonies - MS history class collaboration for elementary 4th-5th

Do We Have the Right? - elementary created iBook from collaboration across four states

Free Books by Educators - Apple curated content


iBooks Author overview (Apple PDF)

iBooks Author Mac Support (Apple help)

Getting Started (Youtube video with C. Miller)

iBooks Author Basics plus widgets (Youtube video from "Technology for Teachers and Students" channel)

Quick Start: iBooks Author (iBook by P. Pappas) - link to iTunes store

Advanced Features

How to add audio to an iBook (Apple help section)

How to add a Google Form to your iBook (C. Miller)

How to add a 3-D image (Youtube video with C.Miller)

Share your iBook

How to SHARE your iBook (and publish, if you wish)

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