The Kids are Home... Now What?

Advice for Parents

Making the most of school closure

Dear Parents,

In addition to our POUSD Instructional Online Resources Website which has 10 days of lessons at each grade level, we wanted to provide you with some further resources. On this page, we have resources about Tips for Using our Online Resources, How to Talk Your Kids about Corona Virus, A possibly Daily Schedule, Where to get Free Breakfast and Lunch, and other ideas for your time with your child. In addition, if you need internet or a loaner computer, the information is at the end of the page. We know the days are long when school is canceled, so we are here to help. Let us know if you need more resources or other tips.

Good luck! We are all in this together!

10 Tips for Learning at Home

1. Hold a family meeting- talk about the change in set up (see ideas below)

2. Create a daily schedule (see sample schedule below)

3. Ask for help (email your child's teacher, friend or look on social media sites)

4. Help kids create their own learning environment

5. Don't be afraid to bribe 'em- if you do this, then we can do this...

6. Take Breaks

7. Make it Fun

8. Do your Homework- do the lessons so that you can show your child how to do them too!

9. Hold a Daily Wrap Up Meeting

10. Give Yourself Grace- this is a new situation and be easy on yourself.

For more info or to read a short article on these tips, click here.

A Sample Schedule

*Disclaimer: What follows is a pretty packed day with a lot of transitions. The purpose here is not to impose a structure but to offer ideas for how to break up the time. Think of it as a menu of options; pick and choose what works for your children and your family. Click on the links for additional resources that are awesome!

***Remember: Our POUSD Instructional Online Resource website is your main site for 10 days of lessons for each grade level! Below are just additional resources! ***

8:20 Make breakfast together and talk about the day

9:00 Reading and Writing- look at our POUSD Online Learning Resources Website ( and scholastic has free lessons and worksheets too)

10:00 Break: Eat a snack

10:30 Math- look at our POUSD Online Learning Resources Website ( and scholastic has free lessons and worksheets too, cool math card games, family math)

11:30 PE: Exercise! Here are some Indoor suggestions

12:00 Lunch: Creative lunch-making

12:30 Science, Maker Projects, Social Studies, or Project Based Learning Lessons (Click here for 12 virtual museum tours)- POUSD Online Resources Website

1:30 Art: DIY Crafts project, Arts for Kids Hub, Coloring Books of Museums, and !

2:00 Round 2 of physical activity - we all need it...

2:40 Healthy snack & Enjoy your afternoon!

How to Talk to Your Kids about the COVID-19

Here are three great resources on how to talk to your kid(s) about the Corona Virus:

1) National Association of School Psychologists

2) PBS: Parent Guide (good for younger kids)

3) CNN opinion piece on talking to your kids

4) SF Chronicle

Don't forget to use your Toolbox Tools too!

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You Are Not Alone: Ideas for Social Distancing Fun

Here are some fun ideas for social distancing with your child at home:

1.125 things to do with kids at home

2. Use FaceTime

3. Play a game virtually (ie. Pictionary) and/or Board Games

4. Chat with friends

5. Watch an author read a book or an art class in real time (click here for lunch doodles with Mo Willems)

6. Watch Age Appropriate Documentaries (there are a ton on Netflix!) Click here for 30 great ones!

7. Puzzles

8. Outdoor Activities: basketball, soccer, baseball, etc...

9. Cooking or Baking Together

10. Click here for a list of activities for our younger family members or those young at heart too (ages 1-4)

Free Breakfast and Lunch!!

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Need: Free Internet or A Loaner Computer

Free Internet:

If you do not have internet at home, both of the internet providers listed below are offering free internet during school closures:

1. Spectrum: Call 1-844-488-8398 or go to

2. Comcast:

Loaner Computer:

Computer Loaner Forms:

Please fill out this form and details for Chromebook checkout will be released early next week:

Chromebook Home Loan

Complete este formulario y los detalles para el pago de Chromebook se darán a conocer a principios de la próxima semana:

Chromebook Home Loan