Noah And Joe's Celebrity Socks

Step on Their Faces Every Time You Walk!!!!!

Your mom even goes there!!!

We have every celebrity ranging from Vanilla Ice to Jimmy Butler (Buckets)( JB).

Softest fabric around.

We even give out free pickles!!

For every 64 socks you buy, you get a coupon for 7% off.

Ozzy Osbourne sings Crazy Train to you as you walk in the store, then throws a rubber ducky at you.

Will Ferrell gives you a discounted handshake after you purchase 9 socks.

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Our socks are hand-crafted from Guatemala.

Our socks are made of the finest of fine materials including silk, bamboo, whale fur, and a tiniest bit of llama spit.

Our socks help society because we give out millions of free socks to the needy and it helps them keep warm while being able to see their favorite celebrity everywhere they go.

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Jimmy Butler Specials

Jimmy Butler does the tango with you as you walk in the store.

He has 21 styles of socks.

He is considered sacred.

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Will Ferrell gives you soup after buying 76 products or a discounted price of a coupon of .0001% off.