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About this TV show

The Big Brother V.I.P is about 14 famous people that are in a house together and must stay there until the end, they have hard missions and some huge drama fights in there.

and they can get kicked out of the show.

Few People

Moshik and itzik are fighting LIVE!

האח הגדול VIP 2: מושיק ואיציק בויכוח באמצע המשימה

Moshik Sings!

Parody Song by moshik
מושיק עפיה - כאבי ביצים מתוך האח הגדול ♫ (אודיו) 2015

Watch The Big Brother VIP

Monday, June 1st, 9pm

Channel 22/26

Every Sunday at 21:00-23:00 at channel 22.

every monday at 21:00-21:30 at channel 22.

every tuesday at 21:00-23:00 at channel 22.

every Day every time at channel 26!