Althea Gibson

By: Cassie Hirschfield

Her Life

Althea was born on August 25, 1927. During he college time she went to Florida A&M University. She was a American Tennis Player, and a Professional Golfer.

Tennis Career

She began playing tennis at a young age and won he first tournament in 1942 sponsored by ATA. She was the first African American player to win the French(1956), Wimbledon(1957-58), and U.S. Open(1957-58) single championships.

Golf Career

She only played Golf for a short time, and made history as the first African American to go compete on the Pro tour.


  • First African American to go compete on the Pro tour.
  • First African American to win at Wimbledon French, and U.S. Opens Championship tournaments.
  • First African American to Gibson was a top 10 player in the US.


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