Staff Weekly Bulletin

~March 23-27 ~Week 28~

Much to be thankful...

Thank you to Sam Davis & all the parents, teachers, students, & staff that came to support SEED at the Running Fest. Our families raised over $6,000 for our school! Fifty or more people represented SEED during this inspiring event.

Thank you Simone & the AFE Sub-Committee for great presentation to our ILT!

Thank you to Simone, Marisol, and the many families that organized such focused parent meeting to inform our families of the dual language pathways.

Thank you to Beth, Priscilla, & Anne for representing us at the Data Summit on Monday, March 16th.

Thank you Coach C, Mr. Marcel, Paul, & Simone for your support in the cafeteria.

Thank you to Nancy, Julio, & Todd for running the office & allowing me to hold data chats!

Thank you to Ms. Hom for her leadership & guidance during the community assemblies!


Here is SBAC Interim Recommendations from T&L link (both Elementary & Secondary).

Elementary Interim SBAC Tools

  1. ELA SBAC Interim Administration

  2. Elementary Math SBAC Interim - Lesson Plan

  3. Elementary Math SBAC Interim - Discussion Prompts

  4. Elementary Math SBAC Interim Administration

  5. ELA SBAC Interim Preparation

March Testing

5th grade- Physical Fitness Test
  • Closes 3/21
  • Check in-3/27-28

3rd-5th Grade
SBAC Intermin for ELA & Math

  • March 23rd-April 3rd

SBAC Summative

  • March 30- Opens
  • May 15 - Closes

Data Chats

Monday, March 23rd

8:45-9:30 - Natasha

10:30-11:15 - Victor (math)

11:15-12 - Beth


Congratulations! Last week's ADA decreased to 11%!

Helping Students Solve Conflicts

1. resolve conflicts with a restorative justice lens

2. encourage students to use I messages, 3 put-up for 1 put-down

3. not minimize when students approach us with a concern

4. serve as models for character & empathy

5. use a tone of respect

6. address the issue and not the child's character

7. hold them accountable

8. communicate with parents in a timely manner

Character Targets:



Community Assembly & Crew

Crew Group:

Ana & Maria
Ford & DeWall

Tapia & Cato

Hudson & Mazy

Zucker & Perrone

Assembly Group:
Parchia & Udovic

Gudiol & Saleski

Connie & Zucker

Reynoso & Superfine


Past Due Items

Past due:

  • Grade level collaboration notes - I cannot pay you if these are not in your Google grade level folder in a timely manner.
  • SLCs, Parent Conferences sign-in sheets were due to Nancy
  • Math Groupings were due on Friday.

Students own Their Progress - Using Data with Students Video

Students Own Their Progress - Using Data with Students

15-16 SY Science Lead Application

Dear Colleagues,

The Science Department is requesting that we send out the 15-16 SY Science Lead Application to you ASAP; the deadline for submission to this department is March 30th.

Click here for the application & the overview of this duties, responsibilities, and commitments for the 15-16 SY.

I will carefully review the applications & determine which applicant is better suited for this role & how this role will support district vision & site's Science Expeditions, school's vision & leadership.

Spring Reclassification Coming Up!

The below link includes a list of students that better clarifies which students need to take SRI or DIBELS during the mid-year optional SRI and DIBELS window in order to be reclassified.

The following is the timelines for Spring Reclassification:

  • March 24th - Deadline for Teacher Input document & any appeals
  • April 3rd - Parent Communication delivered
  • April 17th - Reclassification window closes

Summer School

SEED was allotted only 20 spots for summer school; incoming 5th graders will be a priority for services. After April 15th, if the other schools (Garfield, Fruitvale, & MCS) do not fill all their spots, SEED will have the opportunity to take those vacancies.

We are looking for a teacher to work with these students during the summer program. More information to come!


Rituals & Routines

In order to maintain incidents at a minimum I ask that:

1. you pick up/drop off your students on time (a few teachers are still coming late)

2. send your students out of class with a pass

3. use your buddy teacher & not the office (unless absolutely necessary)

4. be at your duty post without the need to be reminded by a support staff


Dear Colleagues,

We need your help! Our attendance has been at an all time low & we need you to help to encourage your students to come to school. Most importantly, you have more direct contact with the families. We ask that when you have contact with the families of your students with the most severe attendance that you bring up the importance of attendance. Please let them know that we are here to support them & that SEED has resources; refer them to Marisol. See below for the link of the latest report.

Students are sorted by color & by grade level:

Red - severe chronic absences

Orange - moderate chronic absences

yellow - at risk

Classroom Newsletters!

Dear Colleagues,

We have been very busy and with work-to-rule, some things get done (or not), but I ask that you continue sharing your grade level newsletter with the office staff. Families are aware that the newsletter provided important homework information & also understand that their children are currently not receiving homework.

Nevertheless, you can still use this valuable resource to communicate with the families on the many ways they can support their children with literacy, expeditions they are currently working on, the math unit their children are currently on, etc.

I invite you to post the newsletter in the office; we can help you post them as well.

Inventory of Supplies

Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for the 2015-2016, Mr. Todd has shared with grade level leads a list of supplies/materials. We have asked the grade levels to provide us a list of supply needs. This year, we encountered supply lists where we could not fulfill the need because we did not have it in the inventory. Your list & the lists collected this year will help us order accordingly.

In collaboration with the FC, we will be reviewing these needs on Tuesday, March 24th. Please have those forms as complete as possible. Also consider the supplies that you need for your expeditions & Expos.

Thank you,

Todd & Beatrice

Classroom Passes

Colleagues, I have observed some looseness with the classroom/restroom passes. I have been sending students back to class if they do not have a pass & will continue to do so. I will also walk them back to class & provide you a gentle reminder. Please make sure that you enforce this.

Our School-Wide Agreement:

TK-1st - a buddy with restroom pass

2nd-5th - ONE student out of class at a time WITH A PASS


Monday, March 23rd

Math Data Chats

Monday, March 23rd

8:45-9:30 - Natasha

10:30-11:15 - Victor (math)

11:15-12 - Beth

3-5 Grade
Interim SBAC

Tuesday, March 24th

3:00-4:00 PM
FC Meeting

Location: Beatrice's Office

3-5 Grade
Interim SBAC

Reclassification Recommendations & Appeals Due to Beatrice

Wednesday, March 25th

10:30-11:30 AM

4th grade Girl's Focus Group

3-5 Grade
Interim SBAC

All Day: Duffy @ SEED


-grade level collaboration notes are due

3:00-5:00 PM
COST Meeting

Updated PD Calendar, click here!

Thursday, March 26th

3-5 Grade
Interim SBAC

8:15-12:00 PM

  • Instructional Rounds
  • The team is expected to see Science talks, writing with evidence through Science (C-E-R)
  • Please adjust your schedule to fit this need
  • Grades 3-5 will be administering the SBAC Interim so they won't participate on instructional rounds

FINAL Instructional Rounds Schedule (K-2nd)

Team 1

9:00-9:10 - Linda Tapia
9:10-9:20 - Nora Superfine

9:20-9:30 - Natasha Saleski

9:30-9:40 - Teri Hudson

9:40-9:50 - Priscilla Parchia

Team 2

9:10-9:20 - Linda Tapia

9:20-9:30 - Nora Superfine

9:30-9:40 - Natasha Saleski

9:40-9:50 - Teri Hudson

9:50-10:00 - Priscilla Parchia

Instructional Rounds are coming to SEED!

WHEN: Thursday March 26th 8:15am-12pm.

This link shares come information on the process of the Instructional Rounds: Instructional Rounds Google Site. During our rounds, we will use the resources with the team.

District partners will also be focusing on the 4 T's of Literacy (Text, Talk, Time, & Task).

They will also be asking our students the following questions (we got this!):
1. What is your reading level?

2. What strategy or skill are you working on?

3. What are you learning about today?

We are looking for at least 1 teacher lead that can join the rounds. Please submit your interest to Beatrice at your earliest convenience.

What will be our focus? Our current COI focuses on HQSW through writing with evidence using C-E-R. These instructional rounds need to support what we already doing & they can inform our practice. Their feedback can provide some insight as to our progress towards this target.

As we approach the date, I will share with you to schedule. Stay tuned! Please see below a helpful article that can support you more information on the traits of literacy.

Friday, March 27th

ALL DAY- Coach C at a training

3-5 Grade
Interim SBAC

9:00-11 AM
Beatrice @ training

2:00 PM
Fire Drill

~Professional Development Opportunities~

ATTENTION: 3-5 grade teachers - PBL Institute at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hi all,

Here's an intriguing opportunity for the elementary crowd. To go, you need a team of 2-4 third-fifth grade teachers. A week in Monterey sounds pretty fun!

  • Project-Based Science Teacher Institute at Monterey Bay Aquarium: Project-based science supports the shift to more student-centered teaching. The hands-on, collaborative nature of projects provides a learning experience that models best science-teaching practices and integrates Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Engage students in authentic inquiry-based science as they investigate conservation issues connected to their lives and their environment. $100 per day stipend upon program completion and housing is provided during the summer institute. Apply in teams of 2-4 third-fifth teachers from the same or nearby schools (email Casey at to find other SFUSD colleagues to apply with). Opportunity to participate in Level II next summer! Information & application here. Monday, July 20 - Friday, 24.Follow-up sessions are Saturdays: October 17, 2015; January 9, 2016; May 7, 2016.

Teaching & Learning Math Team!

The Teaching and Learning Mathematics Team is looking for teachers to participate on the Mathematics Core Curriculum Production Team (CCPT), which will meet 2 to 3 afternoons in April/May and have a 2-week institute from June 15-19 and 22-26. We will be doing the important work of revising our OUSD Math Core Curriculum Guide which includes revising the Key Learning Experiences (math tasks). Stipends and food will be provided, thanks to our grant funding.

We are looking for:

  • Teachers who have expertise in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and connecting that to ongoing and future classroom practices and district initiatives
  • Teachers who have used the Core Curriculum math units including the Key Learning Experiences
  • Teachers who have experience in producing curriculum
  • Teachers who collaborate well with colleagues
  • Recommended: Teachers with past experience on the Core Curriculum Production Team (CCPT)
  • Recommended: Teachers who have attended Assessment For Learning
  • Recommended: Teachers from Mathematics Inquiry Cohort Schools (2012-14) or Mathematics Focus Schools (2014-15)

    Please forward this email and application to select teachers at your site who exhibit these qualities, or send us the names and contact information for anyone you recommend. The application is due March 20. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Robin Lovell

    OUSD Professional Development Opportunities

    Teacher Professional Development

    • There are pd offerings provided by Teaching and Learning on 1st and 4th Wednesdays. Please sign-up on On-Track. 1st and 4th PD Offerings

    • TK and K Professional Development opportunity for Teachers: April 25, Tilden Auditorium, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. TK PD Flyer

    • Bay Area Writing Project has released their summer pd offerings. Please see the summer flyer and registration details: Bay Area Writing Project.


    Please see the attached documents to get ready for reviewing your upcoming Math data. Math Analysis Tools

    LISTAS 2015 Conference - Student Participation

    Hi all,

    I wanted to share this information about LISTAS - an upcoming conference for Latina girls in the Bay Area held at Canada College in Redwood City on May 2, 2015.

    The conference includes a day of STEM 2 (science, technology, engineering, math and management) workshops and inspirational speakers for young women in grades 8 - 11.

    LISTAS Conference Goals:
    • To encourage and motivate young Latina women and their families to pursue careers in historically underrepresented fields
    • To connect young Latina women and their families with professional role models in various STEM2 fields and who are active in their community
    • To create awareness of local thriving companies and high skilled jobs

    See below for more details.

    District 5 Director Roseanne Torres was also putting out the word to see if folks know people who might be interested in helping support the event financially, e.g with money to rent a bus for OUSD students to get to the conference in Redwood City.

    Xochitl and other event organizers are OUSD graduates who want to give back to the community. The event is all volunteer and they are looking for donations if you have suggestions! They are also looking to see if there are partners in OUSD who might be interested in partnering around the conference long-term.

    In unity,

    Katy Núñez-Adler

    COI Week 6 - April 1st

    • Bring 3 HQSW writing samples, rubric, & student reflections
    • Celebration of successes
    • Reflection & Next Steps
    • HQSW Protocol - TBD