What is Showbie?

Go paperless in your classroom! With Showbie, you can quickly and easily assign, collect and review student work on your iPad, then provide rich feedback to your students by adding annotations, text notes and voice notes directly onto their documents. Students can show their learning creatively by submitting to Showbie from thousands of compatible iPad apps, or by completing assignments with Showbie’s built in tools. Showbie keeps everyone organized with individual student assignment folders, email and push notifications.

Get started video


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First Steps:

Step 1:

Download the showbie app

Click Sign up Free> I'm a Teacher

Create your account and click "sign up now"

Choose new class in upper right hand corner

Name your class

Write down the class code to give to students

Click save

Step 2:

Have students go to or showbie app

Click Sign up Free>I'm a Student

Enter class code you wrote down

Create your account by filling in information

Click "sign up now"

Step 3:

Within your class on showbie app

Click + for new assignment (at bottom of app)

Click + in upper right hand

Send an assignment to students (any format you choose) and have them submit work back to you

If you have not already, please watch: Get started video for more instructions

How do I get credit?

Take a screenshot showing where student work has been sent back to you & send to Mrs. McKee and/or Mr. Smith through iMessages or email.