November Newsletter

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Dear Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. It is our hope that this resource provides important information about our school happenings and gives you a glimpse into our students' school day.

As of Monday, November 8, there are 24 remaining school days in this semester. Every school day counts, and students are quickly running out of time to create freshmen memories and get their grades where they want them to be!

Please reach out to us if you ever have questions or concerns. We value your feedback and it helps us improve our school.


Dr. Connie Franklin

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Credits & Graduation

Everything we do here at HNGA is done with our eyes on the ultimate goal, graduation from Habersham Central. As you can see by the above graphic, we are extremely proud of the success our students have had in graduating on time.

One of the best ways to ensure our freshmen graduate on time is to pass all their classes. Research shows that 85% of students with 0 semester failures will graduate on time. It is vital that our students end the first semester without any course failures.

We will continue to motivate our students, and the first step towards graduation is to earn all 8 credits as a 9th grader, including core content credits in science, history, math, and English.

Progress Reports will be sent home on November 16.

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Mandatory Academic Study Hall

We currently have many students who are failing one or more academic courses. Research shows that 30% of students who fail one class in 9th grade do not graduate on time. We do not want that for any of our students. In addition, students who do not earn at least five credits their 9th grade year will be retained and not move on to Habersham Central.

In an effort to keep all of our students on track we will be instituting Mandatory Academic Study Hall for any student who is failing one or more academic classes.

If you have questions about your students' grades, please refer to PowerSchool. If you do not have PowerSchool access, please call us at 706-778-0830 or email Ms. Penny at

Listed below are specific details regarding Mandatory Academic Study Hall. If you have questions, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We value your support as we work hard to ensure your students complete their freshman year successfully and graduate on time.

HNGA Mandatory Academic Study Hall

Beginning Monday, November 8th, we will begin providing a mandatory opportunity for students to bring up any grades that are below passing (less than 70%) in their academic classes. During all lunches, we will host Mandatory Lunch Study Hall where students will eat their lunch while working on classwork to improve their grades in English, math, science and/or social studies. It is our hope that this mandatory opportunity will help students get caught up and ultimately pass all of their classes. Students will also have an opportunity to serve their mandatory study hall from 7:30 – 7:55 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students who attend a morning study hall will not have to serve Mandatory Study Hall at lunch on those days.

Mandatory Study Hall Facts

  • Students who are failing one or more academic class (English, science, math, or history) will be required to attend one session of Mandatory Study Hall every day to improve their grade(s).
  • Mandatory Study Hall will be held at the following times: 1) Monday – Friday during each lunch shift (students should go to the front of the line, get their lunch, and report immediately to the study hall location). 2) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30 – 7:55 am (students must arrive by 7:30 am in order to be counted present for Mandatory Study Hall in the morning)
  • Students will be required to attend Mandatory Study Hall until they are passing all academic classes.
  • Students who skip their Mandatory Study Hall will receive school consequences.
  • All assignments for Mandatory Study Hall will be posted in Google Classroom.
  • Students who are assigned Mandatory Study Hall will be assigned and released from it by a teacher or school administrator once the student is passing all academic courses.
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Attendance Counts!

Research shows that one of the main indicators of a freshman's future high school graduation is his/her attendance. While we ask that you keep your student at home if his/her temperature is higher than 100.4 or if he/she is experiencing any ill symptoms, good school attendance directly impacts a student's grades, emotional wellness, and more. It is our goal that each student is absent no more than 5 school days throughout the school year. Simply being at school each day moves a student closer to graduation!

Congratulations to the following homerooms for winning the monthly attendance trophy: Mr. Crump (August), Coach Worley, (September), and Mrs. Wallace (October)! And congratulations to the House of Mahalo for winning the 1st 9 weeks attendance challenge! Students and teachers in the House of Mahalo will be treated to smores over a campfire during their lunch!

HNGA was recognized at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, November 8th, and awarded the monthly trophies for having both the best student and staff attendance among secondary schools for the month of October. This rare feat speaks volumes to our staff and students' dedication and commitment to excellence. We are going to celebrate with all staff and students this week!

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EOC and Final Exams

Students who are currently enrolled in semester-long Algebra 1 will take their End of Course test on Dec. 9. All other courses will have a final exam. EOC and final exams will count as 20% of a student's final grade.

The final exam schedule will be as follows:

Dec. 09 - Algebra 1 EOC

Dec. 10 - EOC make ups & History FInal Exam

Dec. 13 - Science Final Exam

Dec. 14 - English Final Exam

Dec. 15 - Math Final Exam

Dec. 16 - Electives Final Exams, missing work, make ups, etc.

Dec. 17 - Missing work, make ups, etc. (Early Release Schedule)

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HNGA is hiring!

HNGA is searching for an organized, motivated paraprofessional to monitor our In School Suspension room! This position works with students daily and monitors their assignments.

If you have a desire to impact students and work with a great team, apply at

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Custodian Appreciation Day

We recently celebrated Custodian Appreciation Day! We are so blessed by our custodial crew! We are so thankful for Ms. Carolyn, Ms. Erika, Ms. Bev, Mr. Steve, Mr. Justin, and our newest team member, Ms. Juana (not pictured).
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Habersham Academic Booster Club Meeting

The Habersham Academic Booster Club is holding a meeting on Monday,

November 15th at 6 P.M. in the Staff Development Room at Habersham Central

High School. Please join us in our commitment to recognize academic

achievement and support academic success in the Habersham County School

System. You may contact Sylvia Hotard at or visit

our website at for more information.

After School Math Tutoring

Students who are enrolled in Foundations of Algebra, Algebra 1, or Geometry this semester will have the opportunity to attend after-school math tutoring. Tutoring will be available every Monday and Thursday, 3:30-4:30PM.

There is free transportation for all students. Please reach out to your student's math teacher with any questions.

Student Health

At HNGA we are taking steps to keep our students healthy by doing the following:

1. Use of alternative and outside classrooms

2. Assigned seating in classrooms for easy contact tracing

3. Scheduled classroom restroom and handwashing breaks

4. Students follow a hallway flow path during class transitions

5. No congregating of students during class transitions

6. Hand sanitizing stations on every hall throughout the building

7. Additional sanitation of high-touch areas by the custodial staff such as doorknobs, vending machines, water fountains, etc.

8. Teachers monitor students for symptoms of illness

9. Rapid response to positive test results and exposure

10. Assigned Chromebooks so students use the same Chromebook every day

11. Limited seating options available in the cafeteria

12. Alternative activities for students during school-wide assemblies

Surprise! Surprise!

Who doesn't love a surprise?! We have some great surprises planned in December to celebrate our students who are passing all of their classes. We hope that this will be a great incentive for students to complete missing projects and assignments.

Stay tuned for these exciting student incentives!

Dress Code

The HNGA dress code is the same dress code as each of the middle schools. Dresses, holes in jeans, or shorts (for all students) must be no higher than 3" above of the knee. For more information, please reference page 17 of your student's handbook.
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Cell Phone Policy

Students are permitted to use cell phones at HNGA for classroom instructional purposes only and only with the teacher's permission.

Parents who need to communicate with their student throughout the day are encouraged to call the front office, where there is also a phone for students to use as needed.

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About Us

Habersham Ninth Grade Academy will provide a positive, safe learning community, equipping and empowering students with skills necessary for graduation and post-secondary pursuits.