Yadkin-Pee Dee

River basin in North Carolina

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Major Cities located within Yadkin-PeeDee

Major Cities that can be found within the river basin are Wilkesboro, Salisbury, Lexington, and Charlotte. in total the river basin cover 20 counties. The population in Yadkin river basin is 1.6 million.

Yadkins Begining

Yadkins River basin begins near Blowing rock at the Piedmont of North Carolina, then the river comes to an end at South Carolina Winyah bay. The river is 5,862 miles long and the river basin covers 7,221 square miles.
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Things To Do

Things you can do in Yadkin river is go kayaking with friends and every years people gather up for the Paddle-a-Thon which is a kayaking competition
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There is many plants that can be found some of which are the Dogwood, Azalea, and the lady slipper