The Boston Tea Party


Did you know that a 116 people took place during the Boston Tea Party. Hi my name is Chasce I'm going to tell you about the Boston Tea Party. Do you know why the Boston Tea Party is so cool, it’s one of the most fascinating things in history of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!! But I can’t tell you the whole story just yet.


It took place December 16,1773. It occurred in Boston Harbor. There were 3 ships that took place. When the British Taxed the the tea the USA was mad. Did you know that nobody died during the Boston Tea party.


The Sons of Liberty thought otherwise of what the British thought. Everybody despised the British because they taxed the tea. So the Sons of Liberty took charge they made a really good plan. There were 3 ships that held the tea and they said that they were going to dump the tea into the harbor. It soon spread around town but of course nobody told the British what the plan was. The leader of the Sons of Liberty was Samuel Adams. So December 16,1773 the Sons of Liberty set out, they dressed as Native Americans to sneak up on the ships. Then they dumped a massive amount of tea into the Boston Harbor.


The Sons of Liberty did some damage though. They threw at least 340 chests of tea in the water. which now would cost $1,700,000 crazy right But no damage was done to the 3 boats. After it happened it was fine they just swept the boats. People went on with their normal lives. The Boston tea party was the thing that started the American Revolution against the British.


That is why it’s one of the most coolest things in history. But even though that it was pretty big it didn’t do any damage. Everything except the tea was damaged. That’s the thing the Boston Tea Party was awesome but there was no damage taken place. That’s why I like the Boston tea party.

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