Vaccination Argument

By: Emily Rine

Why You Should Get Vaccinated

After reading all the articles my viewpoint on vaccines is they should be mandatory for people to have. Parents are deciding not to vaccinate their children, which is putting them and other people at risk. Its unsafe for people not to get vaccines especially with the measles outbreak and to protect them like everyday viruses."Not vaccinating children invites a measles resurgence" -Marc Siegel. Overall I think everyone should get vaccines.

Evidence to Vaccinate

  • In the first half of 2012, Washington's cases for whooping cough went up by 1,300% from 2011
  • Herd Mentality is one of the reasons parents are anti-vaccination along with religious reason, and thinking its unsafe.
  • 19 States allow parents not to make their kids get vaccinations, which puts 19 states at a greater risk of getting a disease then the rest.
  • "For measles and whooping cough, the benefits of herd immunity fall to what epidemiologists consider unsafe levels when more than 8% of children are unvaccinated." -USA Today
  • Children not vaccinated against whooping cough are 24 times more likely to catch the disease.
  • In 2014, around 700 cases of measles have broken out- the largest outbreak in 20 Years!!
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Vaccination Complications

  • Getting vaccinations have different risks for each child.
  • The measles vaccines can sometimes cause extreme side effects on a child, which makes parents scared
  • "Some argue that mandatory mass vaccinations is an act of communal self-defense and thus completely compatible with principles underpinning a free society"-Matt Welon
  • "A baby today receives more vaccines by 6 months than her mother did by high school graduation"-Mary Jo Perry

Summary of Vaccinations

Overall, the vaccines issue is back and worth debating whether or not to vaccinate children. Scientists recommend vaccinations but some parents think it is to unsafe and also have religious beliefs. With people not vaccinating it puts other people at risk. But, with people vaccinating it can cause serious complications to certain kids.