Kurtzman, O'Connell, Jameson

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This is the population comparison.

Chad: 11,193,452

USA: 313,900,000

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GDP Per capita

Comparison of the GDP Per Capita

USA: 49965.27

Chad: 1094.00

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Arable land

Comparison of the farm-able land.

USA: 17.79%

Chad: 34.4%

While the percentage of arable land is larger in Chad, the amount of arable land in the USA is still greater due to a larger total land area.

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Average life expectancy

Comparison of average life expectancy.

USA: 78.64 years

Chad: 48.7 years

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Obesity rates

Comparison of obesity rate between US and Chad.

USA: 35.7%

Chad: 2.344%