Divide whole numbers and decimals


Steps to divide

  1. Make a house ( it looks like an L but tilted).
  2. Make a division problem ( example: 1234 ÷ 2) .
  3. The first number goes inside the house.
  4. The second number goes to the side of the house.
  5. Look at the divisor ( the number outside the house) and look at the number farthest left number in the house.
  6. See if you can multiply the divisor high enough but not to high that it is over the number ( for example: 3 x 2 = 6, and the first number is 7. 3 x 3 = 9 and 2 are two above the number. If your divisor is higher than the number, just put 0) Then put that number on the roof of the house.
  7. Once you multiply, the number you multiplied with goes on the far left.
  8. Multiply the divisor and the number you just multiplied and put it under the far left number. Then just subtract to get an answer.
  9. If you have another number in the house, drag it down. If you don´t have another and it is zero, then the number at the roof of the house is your answer. Don forget about the decimal point.
  10. Do the same steps from 5 but when you multiply, use the farthest left that is available. Go to step 11 if all the numbers in the house are used.
  11. If you end up with 0, the number on the roof is your answer and don´t forget about the decimal point. If you don end up with zero, then move to step 12.
  12. Add a zero at the top of the inside of the house.
  13. Drag it down to the remainder. Then do the same process until you end up with zero.
  14. If you end up with zero, the number at the top of the house is your answer!
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