How to become a Gymnastics Teacher

By: isabella h


I will be talking about how to become a gymnastics coach. How to become a gymnastics teacher you must be wondering well I will be talking about that and much more.

You will have to have been in gymnastics and they prefer to you having 8 to 10 years.

What do you do

When you are a kid you should start taking gymnastics classes. This is because the place that you work at for gymnastics want you to have 8-10 years. Also so you have more experience so you can help the gymnast. When you grow up and think I would like to do this job this are some things you have to do. If you want to coach team you have have to go thought a program thought USA gymnastics and it is a 5-week program.

Day To Day

The day to day life of a gymnastics teacher is a lot of things. When they get to work they have to call down all of their students for that class and then they have to get all stretched out. Then if people are on the floor have to pick somewhere to go the beam, vault, bars, tramplin, or tumble track. Then you let your class out and go on to the next on and you also have to remember that tell are different levels of difficulty. Also they are different ages.

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professionals in the feild

Some professionals that you most likely know is Chow Ling he have gone to the Olympics being a coach and you have heard of 2 main gymnast Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas. There is one other coach i will be focusing on is Teresa Millmore she is a gymnastics coach at Gymnastics etc. I have a conversation with her and ask a few questions. Question, do you have to have a lot of schooling. A, she said no you do not have to have schooling but when you do team you have’ to do a one day safety class thought USA gymnastics. Q, Did you do gymnastics when you were a kid and did you like it? A, Yes and I loved it. Q, why did you pick this job? A, I did not pick this at 1st I was in college to be an accountant and I work at the gym but then the lady was selling it and i bought it then it all fell into place. Q, Where did you start doing gymnastics? A, in Springfield. Q, why do you love this job so much? A, it does not matter what kind of mood I am in because when I help a kid get a new skill and they give me a hug or smile it puts me into a good mood. Q, how long have you been coaching? A, She started coaching when she was 15 and now she is 46 so 25 years!


I hope that you have something from this and will take some of these things into and if you are looking for a job try coaching if you like gymnastics. This is a great job to have and if you love working with kids and seeing them smiling and see them have so much fun this is the job for you