Coaching Update

March 22 - April 8

Announcements and dates coming up...

  • Galileo formatives are still available to take until March 25th.
  • There is no school this Friday and therefore no site PLC.
  • Next Friday, April 1st is co-planning time, there will not be a site PLC on data because I won't be here. Instead I will be meeting with grade level teams through out the week for data talks.
  • April 5th @ 3:45 will be a mandatory AZ merit training for all teachers, there will be a google calendar invite coming out.
  • April 6-8 are half days for Parent teacher conferences, please set up conference times with parents (teachers share your process for scheduling conferences). The expectation is that there is 100% parent contact, please keep a log of your contact and communication (I have a sample log if you need one).
  • April 11th we start AZ merit testing for grades 3rd-8th.

Kudos Corner

Kudos to all of you for a great 3rd quarter!

Evidence of this:

  • 54% of teachers submitted 8/10 lesson plans or more . We had 4 teachers submit 100% of their lesson plans!
  • Galileo benchmarks 9/10 classes made expected growth or higher in math and in ELA!
  • Walk through data indicates that Instructional support: modeling and student interaction: 50% peer to peer are the strongest areas!

Thanks for a great 3rd quarter!

Kudos for everyone!

Please take a moment to complete this short google form below with someone you would like to recognize for their support/kindness! We will then update our board in the office. Thanks!


We are now in fourth quarter, please refer to your pacing guides for planning fourth quarter. Keep in mind AZ merit is coming up April 11th, so be strategic in the focus, this could be based on what you still need to teach and where students may be struggling based on data.

Coaching Focus

Next week our focus in grade level meetings will be data dialogue and planning instruction for fourth quarter.

AZ Merit information

Use the link below to start familiarizing yourself with AZ Merit, including sample tests to start going through with your students.