devlopment of the fetal

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frist trimester

the baby looks a alien the frist trimester it is the size of a kidney bean she is takeing shape of a baby but still has a long way to go

the mother may feal the egg impant in the utirus a mother has morning sickness and tinder brests

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secound timester

the morning sickness that was happaning during the lats trimester will go away and you will be back to normal.

the baby will grow quickly and you will hear the babys heart beat and also notice the babys sex.

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third trimesters

The syptoms the mother be looking for is shortness of breath, uriarny incontinence, varicose viens and sleeping problems.many of these came come from the increase of the uterus, which expands from appoximately 2 ounes before pregnancy to 2.5 ibs at the time of birth

At the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, begins to deposite on the baby. he/she will be at least 36cm and wieght about 900 to 1800 grms ( two to four pounds) the baby moving frequently mean he/she is responding to stimuli, including sound, pain, and light.

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fathers advise

help the mother out with the dipers and if you are tired just rember she is more tired than you.