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The absolutely true diary of a part time indian

Who is Arnold?

Arnold is the main character of our story,he has what he calls water on the brain. This causes seizures and deformities. He is an outcast moving to a new environment.... Reardan


This story is about Arnold, an Indian Boy on a quest to save his culture. He must go to a "white school" Reardan. This bothers many of his friends on the rez. He undergoes many trials and earns the respect of many.

Oh? Why were they Upset?

It is a sign of betrayal and disrespect to leave the rez and his tribe. So People, especially his best friend, are very upset with him.

What is the theme of the story?

The theme of this story is to follow your dreams, and it may take people a while to understand it. But if you stay determined, they soon will.

Some examples of his determination.

At the beginning of his time at Rearden he was hated, and ignored. However after continuing to be kind, he made some friends and made up with his best one.

My Rating?

I would rate this story a 4/5 stars, it had a great story but the ending was a little bit rushed. I feel like they could've developed more character before going to the ending.

The Citation of the book

Alexie, Sherman, and Ellen Forney. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. New York: Little, Brown, 2007. Print.
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