The 6 Traits Of Writing

Chris Banwart

The 6 Traits of Writing


  • chose a topic that interests you and fits the assignment
  • include details such as facts, statistics, examples, and thoughts/feelings


  • top sentences are highlighted in green
  • main ideas are highlighted in yellow and should have transitions
  • detail(tell me more sentences) are highlighted in red
  • conclusions (like topic sentences) are highlighted in green


  • Write like you speak to keep people interested
  • Show Rather than tell

Word Choice

  • use specific nouns/verbs
  • Use exiting adjective and adverbs

Sentence Fluncey

  • combine short choppy sentences and make into large smoother one
  • use a variety of sentence beginnings and lengths
  • use simple, compound, and complex sentences


  • Use an evaluation sheet
  • edit using C.O.P.S.

Sorry couldn't think of picture

Writing Process


Think of ideas to use on Paragraph/essay


Organizing thoughts and making them into sentences

Compose Rough Draft

Take the sentences and put them into parts of a paragraph


look at the ol' rough draft search for parts that could be changed into more "juicy" words


You know the errors you found when doing evaluation now write that stuff on your paper


Well the name speaks for its self but unlike revisions you look for sentence lengths and stuff like that.

Publishing and sharing

Now what you've been working hard for The finishing draft type or write it the best you can using the revisions then share your masterpeice

Write Tools

Big image

^The t table organizes ideas ^

on the left side you have you main sentences and on the right side you have tell me more sentences

Core 4 topic sentences

a cross and on each quad of the cross write a topic with a question, a number, simple, and a situation/stance.

Highlighted in: green


each main idea should start with a transition like: next, also, and another.

Main Ideas

The name really says it all its the main ideas of the paragraph

Highlighted in: yellow

Details/tell me mores

These sentences tell more about the main ideas the "juicy" stuff

Highlighted in: red

The Concluison

These sentences end the paragraph and they basically say the beginning over again and most of the time they are the core 4 topic sentences.

Big image