The iranian hostage crisis

The hostage crisis began on november 4,1979 and lasted until january 20,1981.

It was 444 days long when the new goverment of iran began the revolution they held 52

americans diplomats and citizens of the united states.

president Jimmy carter lost his re election.

Iranian Hostage Crisis

Jennifer medina, Mayra santana

Iranian hostage crisis

khomeini had 52 u.s americans in hostage.
The iranian had the americans diplomets blindfolded

it led to the appeasement.


americans wanet to be free from iranian.

iranian burn the u.s flag!

iranian dislike the u.s wich led to a revolution.
The iran hostage crisis was a big roit between the united states.

It was a group od iranian students in tehran .which went along with

the hostage the students led the americans hostage free on

january 21,1981 .Alot of bad things were going on during this crisis alot of

people were in difficult conditions during the iran crisis the u.s was

in a difficult conflict with iran it was just bad.