Hawk Happenings in 2nd & 3rd

Class Newsletter and Reminders

First Communion

If you are interested the First Communion Registration is open at Holy Rosary Parish. Forms will be in the church, or online. You must be registered with the parish. You cannot register at the school. Class begins December 1st.

(This information was given from the Office of Holy Rosary Church.)

Laurie Halte

Holy Rosary Parish

424 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA 98402

(253) 383-4549

Deadline!!!! Friday, December 4th FULCRUM Tuition Assistance for SY 2016-2017

The window of time has opened for next year's tuition assistance application. This is an opportunity to receive $1100 for each child in grades K - 8, based on a family's income level. You can apply at: http://www.fulcrumfoundation.org/apply-for-grant/assistance/.

This application is available in both Spanish and English. As we prepare for tuition contract meetings this Spring, please note that families will not be eligible for any financial assistance through Holy Rosary school UNLESS they have first applied through the Fulcrum Foundation. This means that no contracts will be negotiated without applying first through Fulcrum. Berenice (at the Front Desk) is happy to help parents complete the online application. If you need to schedule a time to meet with her to go through the application, please email her at office@hrrsjda.org. Applications must be completed by Friday, Dec. 4th.

Class Newsletter

It's Official:

Every Monday and Wednesday and alternate Fridays - 2nd Grade will be in English class with me, Mrs. Silva and on Tuesday and Thursday and alternate Fridays in Spanish class with Mrs. Nolting.

Every Tuesday and Thursday and alternate Fridays - 3rd Grade will be in English class with me, Mrs. Silva and on Monday and Wednesday and alternate Fridays in Spanish class with Mrs. Nolting.

This Friday, November 20; 2nd Grade will be in English class.

This week we are trying to administer the DRA Language tests to give you a better idea on their Reading Level.

A big focus this week will be on the upcoming holiday 'Thanksgiving'.

We celebrate this special day with heavily laden tables. Now is the time to give thanks to Him who gave us the opportunity to show love to our neighbors.

I told the students, "We work to share; and show we care." After all we constantly tell the children 'sharing is caring'. We will study how we can give thanks to God and to family and friends.

We will learn how this holiday came about. Was it really the Pilgrims and Native Americans who started it? And why? Did we ever give thanks before? Is this an American culture?

If you have the opportunity to attend mass on that day, please go to church and give thanks for what we are given and then sit down with family and friends and talk of all the great things we are thankful for.

Conferences have been scheduled and we are looking forward to meeting with you. If the fifteen minute sharing time is not sufficient we can schedule for more time later. Please be prompt and considerate of those who will be waiting for their time also. See you then.