Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

By: Dina Nahas

Where Would we Multiply and Divide decimals in the Real World

People think multiplying and dividing decimals only works in the real world with money. True but there is other reasons and situations in the real world that people need to use these skills. For example when your getting your house measured to get new flooring you have to multiply the length and width to get the product to show the carpenter. Another example is that when your splitting something with your friends and you have a odd/prime amount you have to DIVIDE the ones left. Don't forget about gasoline you always have to multiply the decimals. My last reason about the importance of dividing decimals is if you are shopping and you need to buy something that's on sale you're gonna need to find the sale price.

how to multiply decimals

In order to multiply a decimal you don't need to line up the decimals. You just multiply like normal. At the end you see how many numbers are at the end of the decimal and you put that many numbers at the end of the answers decimals.

How to divide decimals (in divident)

In order to divide a decimal in the divident you just need to write it out normally but with the decimal in the divident. Just divide like normally and at the end count how many numbers are after the decimal and you put that many numbers at the end of the answers decimal.

How to divide decimals ( in divident and divisor)