Cold Climate

The conditons


Cold climate temperatures are found in the Northen hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. The temperature in these places are about -89.2 degrees. Part of Antartica is frozen and filled with wind chills. There are approximatly 49 animals still live in Antartica today. These are the conditions that animals and plants have to deal with to survive.

Animals in these cold climates

All these types of animals are special because of their own features. Some of these animals are adorable and some are freaky, but they all have familys and life, if these animals can survive in the cold they must have an adaptation!

These are the type of animals

These are the type of plants


The Conifer plant has branches that protects itself from being attacked by insects.


This plant has thick bark and fine silky hair that keep it warm , the leathery leaves are very tough so they can keep insects away.

Arctic Poppy

Arctic Poppys have cup shaped petals that help the plant absorb solar energy.
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