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ENG 1: April is National Poetry Month

Poverty is the absence of poetry… (Fathering Words by Ethelbert Miller)

To begin, begin... This.. It's the hardest part of anything but to begin is getting half way there..

it great to see many students now getting serious about completing their competencies and showing growth in your learning. You should continue making daily, weekly and summer plans to reach your academic, personal and professional goals.Make sure you meet with your Possi leader, mentors, family friends, and students to set goals to complete all your competencies and find some productive things to do this summer and next fall.

Earn Some Competencies .... Challenge Bank

The challenge bank is where you can find assessments for each competency that count as evidence of mastery! All challenges must be completed independently in order to earn credit. Click on a subject area below to get started. Good luck!

Favorite Poem / Poem in Pocket - National Poetry Month Mini-Project

During the next 2 weeks we will be completing a Reading and Writing Poetry mini-unit.

April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate the spirit of LoveDreamDo and the power of words students will complete a Favorite Poem / Poem in Pocket mini-unit. Each student will create a mini poetry portfolio, which will reflect the power LoveDreamDo, and of written and spoken words.

Your Mini Poetry Portfolio will have:

A Cover Page

A Descriptive Review of a poem of your choice

And Your Own Poem in Pocket.

On April 30, we will travel on Temple's campus and share poetry with the public.

Earn Even More Competencies... WHYY I Like This Book

Enter the WHYY Contest, Get on TV and Earn Competencies.

NAACP - ACT-SO Competion Deadline May 5th

Register to participate in this national competition. There are 26 categories of competition in the sciences, humanities, performing arts, visual arts and business.

Best Student Work Published In YES magazine

Would you like to enter your writing in YES Magazine. I will select the top three student essays for consideration. Check your email to see your essay was selected.

Super Duper Awesome Sauce -

Super Duper Awesome Sauce & Kudos to Yakenda C, Cache S and Quran K along with other students who completed 3 major competencies ( Writing Narratives, Giving Presentation and Collaborative Discussions) . Everybody worked hard and shared amazing stories that united us a a school community. Your efforts shows persistence, growth and hard work! Way to go....

Check out the other contest open for U School students to compete and earn competencies toward your high school graduation. (Participating in contest also looks favorable on job and college applications. )

Orchestra of Life - and Fun Zone @ Anneberg Center

U School Students have been invited to attend Orchestra of Life and FUN ZONE with interactive performances on Friday, May 8th. Ticket cost $3.00 on a first come first serve basis.

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