Home of Equality and Freedom

Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, who is a believer of equality and freedom. He wanted to live in a place where everyone was treated fairly. Because of this, Pennsylvania is a care-free place. This is the perfect colony for families or anyone to live in. It's a colony of peace and tolerance!

Religious tolerance

Are you being forced to go to church? If you or your family is looking for a place to practice any religion freely, Pennsylvania is the colony for you! In Pennsylvania, race or religion of any kind is excepted.
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Pennsylvania is a great place for anyone, but it's a perfect place for families. In Pennsylvania there is freedom and equality and education for all children. Seeking for a home away from violence? The Quakers of Pennsylvania are opposed to violence, making this colony a safe one.
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Pennsylvania is home to thick forests, providing wood for houses and jobs. There are also rivers and bays which ships are able to carry supplies and other valuable items.
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