Manivanh Thamavong

My Grandma

A Short Life History

My Grandma Was born in 9/12/1954 in Huaphanh, Laos And was raised there. She grew up with little education because of the bombing during the Vietnam War. She hid in caves at a young age, scared of the fighting happening. She was about 10 at the time. When the War was over she got married in her hometown. She had four children, My dad, my auntie, and my two uncles. After when the Vietnam war ended in 1975 she moved to the capital of Laos: Vientiane. When she was moving they would send two people at a time to be safe. After the kids and the older friend accompanying the children My Grandma and Grandpa Moved with them. They had moved because they were scared the children would be taken to become soldiers for the military. In 1980 the entire family and friends had completely settled in Vientiane. Her husband went to work at factories while my grandma would Weave Lao Skirts. Then she had more children. About four more!!! When it was 2013 her husband had died of cancer. He had lived to be 56 years old.

What events she witnessed in history

The Vietnam War had started one year after my grandma was born. It had a massive impact on the way she lived. The bombings prevented her to learn because homes and schools were destroyed. She was afraid that her home was going to be bombed some day so she hid in caves to protect herself. She saw bomber planes fly by every now and then. See saw lots of homes a buildings burn down. There were many homeless people after many bombings from the Americans.She saw thousands of soldiers fight with her people.