Cyber Bullying: How Can I Help?

Don't just stand by and watch; Do something!

We know it happens to the kids at school, to our friends, and even to us. Someone says something so rude or hurtful online, that it makes you or someone around you feel terrible. This isn't ok! It's cyber bullying and it's real. It can happen on twitter, facebook, instagram, text messages, or instant messaging. And it can happen to anyone. It's our job to know when it happens and tell someone when it does. Here are some ways to both identify cyber bullying and ways to stop it.

Cyber bullying can happen when:

- someone receives a rude, hurtful, or threatening message through some form of technology

- anything happens online that if said in person would be considered normal bullying

- a conversation online or any form of technology just doesn't look right

Cyber Bullying can be stopped by:

- telling an adult or other authority figure as soon as possible

- supporting whoever is being bullied by saying nice things to them and being kind

- making sure that you never say anything hurtful at anytime, even with technology